Metal Recycling

Top Prices paid from Scrap Metals. 
All types of loose metals accepted FREE OF CHARGE for recycling.

We accept the following metals*

Domestic  Agricultural
Industrial Ferrous (steel, iron, cast iron)
Commercial Non ferrous metals (copper, brass, stainless, steel aluminium lead)

End Of Life Vehicles & Car De-pollution

Leon Recycling is a fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facility capable of recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELV's).

An ELV is a vehicle that has come to the end of its useful life.  

ELV's can be broken down into two categories, namely, natural and premature ELV's.

A natural ELV is a vehicle that has come to the end of its life due to natural factors. These vehicles are typically over 10 years old.

A premature ELV is a damaged vehicle that is uneconomical to repair.

Leon Recycling issues a Certificate of Destruction obtained from the Department of the Environment for every vehicle recycled on its premises.

This certificate ensures that once a vehicle is processed it is de-registered and no longer the responsibility of the vehicle's owner.

Our Facilities

Our facilities deal with end-of-life vehicles. We must meet stringent new environmental standards for the collection, storage and treatment of end-of-life vehicles. These facilities are known as authorised treatment facilities (ATFs).